Lititz Fire Featured On Channel 21 News
By Chief Ron Oettel
April 19, 2013

The Lititz Fire Company and Fire Chief Ron Oettel were featured on CBS' Channel 21 news on Thursday evening, April 18. The news team contacted LFC and asked if we would be willing to allow an interview to basically discuss the "whys" of what we do when so many bad things could go wrong.

With the heightened awareness of the many roles we play in emergency response, as evidenced by the Boston Marathon bombing and the West, TX fertilizer plant explosion in the last few days, Channel 21 wanted to gain a better understanding of what makes an all-volunteer fire company tick. There was over 45 minutes of video shot for the two minutes that you see on the news. Sadly, more of the video couldn't be aired. We continue to believe that many in the community do not understand the commitment and effort that has to be put forth by so many to be ready for an all-hazards response to the community's needs.

Here is the link to the news story.